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Mickey Mouse, his buddies, and Disneyland President Ken Potrock performed a small dedication ceremony in Mickey’s Toontown on the morning of March 18, 2023, to formally dedicate Mickey’s Toontown. The dedication marks the end of an ongoing process to reimagine Mickey’s Toontown and make it more inclusive and accessible than began last year. Kids of all ages can now play together in a fun and secure environment.

There are many interesting details concerning the new Mickey’s Toontown that may be explored. Easter eggs abound both outside the EngineEARS Souvenir Shop and across the landscape. As a result of the land’s opening, visitors can now enjoy its three rides, explore a variety of play areas, meet Mickey Mouse and his numerous pals, including Pete the Cat, or pack a picnic. This is a location that is enjoyable for friends and family of all ages.
On March 19, 2023, Mickey’s Toontown will formally open.On the first full day that it welcomes visitors to this fantastical place, the Daps Magic team will be present to cover it. What do you think about the images Disney gave showing the dedication and everything in Mickey’s Toontown? What experience are you most looking forward to? Post your ideas and opinions in the comments section below.

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