Funny Superhero Dads Sayings SVG

How you feel about the fathers in your life can definitely be one of those things that are just difficult to put into words. Telling these people how much they mean to you might be scary, whether it’s your real dad, the man who raised you, the father of your own children, or the males who have been like dads to you. This Father’s Day, which falls on Sunday, June 18, 2023, if you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect words to write in the card, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best sayings for Father’s Day, from humorous and goofy to poignant and lovely, so you can show every kind of dad how much you care.

Belongs To Loving Daddy Vibes Svg

Best Father In The World Svg

First National Bank Dad Sayings Svg

Funny Always A Daddys Girl Heart Svg

Funny Amazing Like My Dad Vintage Svg

Funny Best Dads Barbecue Life Svg

Funny Cool Fathers Day Gifts Svg

Funny Dad Like Mom Only Funner Svg

Funny Dada Daddy Brush Life Svg

Funny Daddy To Brush Sayings Svg

Funny Dads Bbq Grillin And Chillin Svg

Funny Loving Daddy Hero Svg

Funny Papa Myth Legend Svg

Funny Promoted To Daddy Est 2023 Svg

Funny Superhero Dads Sayings Svg

Funny Take A Lot Of Ball To Golf Svg

Funny We Hooked The Best Dad Svg

Happy Bestie Fathers Day Life Svg

Happy Fathers Rocks Thunder Check Svg

Happy First Fathers Day Life Svg

Happy Grandpa And Dad Sayings Svg

Happy Heart Belongs To Daddy Loving Svg

Happy Loved Bearded Daddy Svg

Happy Loving Daddy Forever Heart Svg

Happy Loving Daddy Game Life Svg

Happy Loving Fathers Smile Face Svg

Its Not A Dad Bod Bear Sayings Svg

Retro Dada Brush Usa Flag Svg

Retro Daddy Dad Brush Life Svg

Retro Father Protector Hero Svg